Wall Waterproofing

Wall waterproofing is a common approach for flood risk, with such coatings as nanoShell Stone. Based on UV and high pH-resistant silicon nanoparticles, the colourless, water-repellent coating of nanoShell Stone can be applied to masonry, natural and composite stone. Lasting up to 25 years before re-application, the flood control coating maintains the original colour and texture of stone while preventing water and frost damage, mould, salts and more from attacking a property.

Applied with a brush, roller or spray, the coating is completely dry and waterproof within 24 hours of application. Grit blasting and steam cleaning are proven successful methods in preparing the surface of a property prior to applying the coating. For a more environmentally friendly solution, nanoShell universal cleaner is available.

Ensuring minimal water damage in the event of a flood, the coating also increases the insulation capabilities of a property and eliminates the need for cleaning as rainwater cleanses the surface.

Providing a cost-effective and durable solution, nanoShell Stone is available in contained quantities of 500ml, 1 litre, 5 litres, 10 litres and 1000 litres.

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