Resilient Solutions

Resilient Solutions

Our flood control products are designed to mitigate flood risk and prevent floodwater from entering a property for as long as practically and safely possible. In more extreme cases where entry cannot be fully prevented, our range of flood products is supported by resilient solutions. These measures ensure the property is habitable and usable as immediately as possible with the least amount of damage to assets and disruption to affairs.

There are simple steps businesses, homeowners and communities can take in order to reduce the damaging effects of flooding. The installation of hard flooring rather than carpet is a productive solution in preventing water from sinking into the foundations of properties and causing damage. Internal cavity wall tanking and the use of plasterboard strips running in horizontal rather than vertical lines are other valuable defences.


Specialising in the production of safe and hygienic cabinets, our partner Sealwise provides eco-friendly, recyclable units for a range of flood control and other solutions. We are currently working with Sealwise using a revolutionary, newly patented material that does not absorb water. The material is being developed for the waterproofing of kitchens in businesses and homes across the country. The flood resilient kitchen will keep its contents dry while not compromising on style and aesthetics.

  • 100% waterproof capability
  • Excellent product life span
  • Antibacterial manufacture and finish
  • Aesthetics to match surroundings
  • Additional fire retardant properties
  • 95% recyclable materials

Sealwise Kitchen

Available in a large variety of colours and high quality wood effect finishes, the cabinets are able to be matched with the interior of any building.

Sealwise kitchens provide flood control solutions for dental surgeries, hospitals, schools, veterinary clinics and many more areas. For more information please visit Sealwise.

When combined with the installation of Dragonboard®, Sealwise kitchens provide a complete solution for flood resilience within a property.


Dragonboard® is a 100% natural and waterproof panel that is suitable for a comprehensive range of construction requirements. Environmentally friendly, the panelling offers flood protection for a number of areas within a property, including internal walls, floors, ceilings and doors. For more information click here or watch the video.


Raising power points is a simple solution against flood risk. Ensure power points are raised above the anticipated flood level (typically above 1 metre) and where possible all cable entry points should be above this level. Alternatively, they should be adequately sealed with silicon or a specialist product such as ISP or CSD duct sealing as a flood control solution.


All service entry points and any electricity and power meters should ideally be located 1 metre above ground level prior to flood risk. Ensuring entry points and meters are well sealed is a key method in the prevention of unnecessary property damage and can also be carried out by your utility provider.

For more information on flood control methods, flood defence and how you can be more resilient against flood risk please contact us.

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