Resilient Interiors

Dragonboard® is a 100% natural and waterproof panel that is suitable for a comprehensive range of construction requirements including flood control. Environmentally friendly, the panelling offers protection for a number of areas within a property, including internal walls, floors, ceilings and doors.

Aquobex have been working with a number of partners to combine the properties of Dragonboard® with our patented seal design that allows the cost-effective flood-proofing of a kitchen. Preventing the area from damp and rot, the water-resistant design allows the contents of cupboards to remain free from contamination and protected from flood risk.

With high strength and stability, the product also fronts breathable, fireproof and chemically inert properties making it fundamental for much more than just flood control. During the manufacturing process, it can be molded into any shape and produced in any colour, with a range of cosmetic coverings to ensure it complements its surroundings. Rapid construction times make this a highly popular flood defence product.

Sustainable Homes

The Department for Communities and Local Government launched the Code for Sustainable Homes on 13th December 2006; a recognised national standard auctioning sustainable design and construction in new homes. The Code measures the usage of energy and carbon dioxide, water, materials, surface water run-off, waste, pollution, management and ecology to assess its sustainability.

Aquobex have the ability to build a code 6 house in a flood plain, the highest standard within the Code for Sustainable Homes. We use high quality flood defence products such as Dragonboard®, as it is 100% natural and a powerful flood control method. We also provide Sealwise flood resilient kitchens for full property protection against flood risk.

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